Season 2020/21

Welcome back everyone, or indeed welcome to the game if you’ve only recently signed up, we’re delighted to have you all on board as we make our final preparations for the start of what i’m sure will be another fantastic season of Ultimate Goals action. With the temporary postponement of all UK football in March after Covid 19 made a most unwanted appearance, we finally concluded last season in late July, around about the time we’d usually be setting up for the first gameweek of the new season! This also means we’ve had a shortened break between the conclusion of last season and the commencement of this one, but we’re back and raring to go now – hopefully you are too!

On that note, we’re delighted to announce that GW 1 of the 2020/21 season will take place on the weekend of the 12th & 13th September 2020. That’s right, gameweek 1 is just 10 days away, so it’s time to get your footballing brains back into gear and plot your path to Ultimate Goals glory. Before that though, we do also have a gameweek pencilled in for the 5th & 6th September, call it a ‘pre-season friendly’ if you like! It’s an opportunity for us to ensure the website is performing exactly as it should do and a chance for you to blow the cobwebs off and get back into the routine……the routine of shouting obscenities about teams you have absolutely no association with when they fail to score that is! This isn’t an official gameweek though and any points you score will NOT count towards your overall total, but hopefully we’ll get plenty of you submitting your teams and back into the groove! It’s also a great time to invite your friends, family, work colleagues etc. to have a crack at this game with a view to getting them fully involved before we kick off properly the following weekend.

Another fantastic reason for inviting those people to play is the fact that the ‘Perfect 7’ jackpot has been raised to a whopping £7,777 for the start of the new season!! ?????? Remember, EVERYONE who enters on any given round stands a chance of winning this jackpot, what an incentive to play!

There will be more information about the upcoming season heading your way soon, but for all the latest TUG news, developments and a bit of general footy ‘stuff’, please follow us on our social media channels; The Ultimate Goals on Facebook and theultimategoalsofficial on Instagram. Look out for our regular emails too, always a handy reminder about deadlines, bonus rounds and the like!

Good luck for the pre-season friendly, an early chance to play yourself into some good form before the real deal begins!

Cheers, Matt.