Review – GW 35

This past week or so has consisted of two completely contrasting rounds. Going back to GW 34, the second ‘Midweek Bonus Round’ of the season clearly failed to live up to the standards of recent weeks. The top score was a paltry 58 points and the average score failed to go higher than 5 (yes, FIVE) points. This, I’m sure, was owing to the ludicrous 29 minus scores, including a first minus 100 of the season. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

As for GW 35 however, things looked much brighter than the midweek doom and gloom, and nowhere more so than Rob Kirwan’s emphatic top score of 138 points, the highest individual score for 14 gameweeks would you believe! Now that’s something to write home about! Rob chose a very impressive lineup that included three 4 goal sides on x5, x6 and x8, whilst also backing the only two 5 goal sides of the round in the shape of Salford City (9 picks) and Solihull Moors (16 selections).Making up 89% of the round’s Perfect 7 tally, Rob has come the closest all season to securing that lucrative jackpot prize for managing to predict the perfect score. But close doesn’t quite cut the mustard here! However, the top scorer does at least sit at the head of a very long table in Club 100, with no less than 28 players making it past those bouncers on the doors.

As for the Perfect 7, any 4 goal teams could have joined Salford and Solihull from x2 to x6. Sides that would have seen you get the highest score possible included Celtic (the most-selected of the weekend with 73 picks), Plymouth Argyle (8), Wigan Athletic (71), Stockport County (63), Hamilton Academical (0) and the sole FA Cup entry, Crystal Palace (0). The high pick-rate of some of these sides explains why the average score hit 57 points – a remarkable comeback from the midweek misery.

Celtic also bookended the ‘Most Selected’ matrix this week, being the most popular x2 and x8 choice. They consistently seem to be a go to ‘banker’ side, as well as a big points builder. The same can be said for Manchester City, who were the most picked side on x3. Wigan Athletic occupied x4 and x5, while Stockport County claimed x6 and x7. Not only did these last two clubs garner plenty of support, they also produced the goals for their backers! It’s always nice when a plan comes together. 

That’s it for this week’s review. Now with our latest international break looming once more, expect the National North and South divisions to enter the fold for GW 36! Get your selections in early and definitely do your research for the coming round – you never know, the fabled P7 may well be hiding in lower-league selections! Good luck!