GW 5 – Review

Crikey! As midweek rounds go that has to be up there with the best we have ever seen. The Scottish League Cup and EFL Trophy competitions nearly always throw up some interesting fixtures, with equally interesting scorelines to boot, and this was no different. Let’s get straight into the midweek analysis.

The Perfect 7 for this gameweek hit an incredible 181 points and no wonder – x3 to x7 was packed with 5 goal teams; Livingston (58 selections), Northampton Town (just 3 picks), Sunderland (32), Ayr Utd (32) and Norwich U21s, topped off by Dundee Utd’s (62) 6 goal haul on x8! Any 4 goal side on x2 and that jackpot would have been yours! You could have gone for Peterborough Utd (23 picks), Cambridge Utd, Exeter City, Bromley or St. Mirren – all netted four times and could have significantly bolstered your scores.

Our midweek top scorer, Mark Venn, bagged a mightily impressive 151 points (the highest individual score of this season so far) with top picks of Ayr Utd and Dundee Utd on x6 and x7, with Livingston on x8 giving the ‘Global Table Topper’ the bulk of his score. There was certainly no social distancing going on in Club 100, with 54 of you packing out the place, while the midweek average score smashed the season’s best with a dizzying 75 points – and a staggering 61% of you beating that!

Now for the Most Selected Matrix and it’s looking refreshingly different! The most popular side this round were Hibernian, who were also the most selected x2, x7 and x8 team, while it was Livingston, Hamilton, St. Johnstone and Dundee Utd who were most picked at x3, x4, x5 and x6 respectively. A real Scottish influence in GW 5, those League Cup games proving to be to the liking of many players.

As most games were awash with goals, we only had 4 minus scorers in this midweek round, but spare a thought for poor Owen French, whose bold choice of goalless Doncaster Rovers (7 picks) on x2 cost him an agonising 141 points, a 161 point swing. The heartache! That sums up The Ultimate Goals for you; at any stage a single goal can be all that separates the pain from the glory!

Gameweek 6 is already in motion and fast approaching, with more National North & South Leagues and Scottish League Cup action taking place, so there should be every opportunity to put another big score on the board. Good luck!

-Sam Wilkinson