GW 45 – Review

So this is it, the final weekly review of the season, but what a weekend of action it was! Some great football and, more importantly, great Ultimate Goals stats to delve into! Let’s get going with the analysis.

As this game is so keenly contested week after week, it’s quite fitting that the top of the weekly Global Table was all tied up in the final round of the season. Richard Fulwood and Simon French share the spoils with fantastic scores of 115 apiece. Both table-toppers selected 2 goal Juventus (69 selections) to get their multiplier ladder going and 5 goal Manchester City (86) to end it! Standout selections in Richard’s matrix include Servette (7 picks) and Basel (41) who each scored four times on x4 and x7, while 5 goal Lazio (just 2 picks!) and 3 goal Liverpool gave Simon the bulk of his points, also on x4 and x7. Nice work both of you!

It’s the Swiss Super League sides that dominate the Perfect 7 matrix this week, with Lugano (0 picks!), Servette and Basel the only 4 goal teams in the line-up. Up at the higher end of the P7 table sit Lazio, Manchester City (very apt that they should appear after breaking the 100 goal mark in the Premier League) and Boston Utd of the National League North (4 picks and the only other team to net 5 goals), all contributing to a captivating total of 159 points.

Into the weekly table as a whole then and there’s some impressive stats to mention this week. Not only did we have 24 players make the illustrious Club 100, a remarkable 46 players secured points totals above 90! All this means we had a very impressive average score of 70, with 64% of you surpassing it. Tidy stuff! Equally impressive was the fact that we had just two, yes TWO, minus scores, the lowest this season would you believe! Alex White and Billy Connor won’t be too happy with their x2 selections of goalless Barnet (3 picks) and Denizlispor (4), which see them prop up the table on the final day.

With so few players in the red, there must have been some wise selection making going on. Juventus were most popular as a matrix-starter on x2, but also as a bridge to the higher multipliers on x5. Inter Milan and Liverpool were also seen as assured scorers, being the most selected sides on x3 and x4 respectively, while Young Boys were most picked on x6 (making their supporters in this game wait until the 71st minute before finally finding the net!) Unsurprisingly, Manchester City were not only the most selected side on x7 and x8, but they were the most picked side overall, their 5-0 home win over the already relegated Norwich an almost inevitable and obvious points grab for the final gameweek of the season.

Well that’s it for my weekly reviews of all the Ultimate Goals stats and talking points for this campaign. Be sure to look out for the TUG end of season review! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading them, more of the same next season! Stay well and be safe.

-Sam Wilkinson