GW 41 – Review

Gameweek 41 was an intriguing one to say the least! While there were no real standout scores recorded, the table looked healthy enough at the end of play. Let’s delve into the stats…..

Starting as ever at the top of the Weekly Global League Table and Marc Berresford made his second appearance of the season at the summit. The eye-catching sides in his lineup included 4 goal Norwich City (37 selections) on x5 and Tottenham Hotspur (75) on x7, the pair securing almost half of Marc’s 99 points. Solid 2 and 3 goal sides made up the majority of his matrix, but it was so nearly misery for Marc – x2 choice Albion Rovers (40) waited until the 85th minute to score, saving his blushes! From despair to joy! Marc’s score may have made up 71% of the weekend’s Perfect 7, but failed to break the 100 point barrier, meaning a six week streak of business for Club 100 was broken.

As for the Perfect 7 lineup this round, there were exactly seven 4 goal sides that filled the matrix, making for a tricky top score of 140 points. Cardiff City (just 1 pick), Rangers, Millwall (only 4), Weymouth (0), and Mansfield Town (just 2) joined Tottenham and Norwich in bagging a fantastic four. With these teams being very scarcely chosen, alongside calamities like heavily backed Bournemouth (52 selections), who lost 1-0 at Wycombe Wanderers (1 pick), the average score was a not overly challenging 25 points.

The most picked side of the weekend, unsurprisingly, was Manchester City at 105, while Rangers and Celtic, usually popular choices, pulled in just 12 picks in total as a result of playing one another. The Citizens were the most chosen banker side on x2, while Premier League counterparts Tottenham were the most selected points earners on x7 and x8, a ploy which paid off for plenty of players as Sheffield Utd took yet another beating. Chelsea were the most picked x3 side, with the costly Bournemouth at x4 and x5. League One title winners Hull City were the most popular x6 side.

That’s the review for another week. Next weekend’s fixtures see the leagues of the Championship and below come to a close, with some dramatic storylines in the offing and poised to serve up a firecracker of a final day. The Championship and League Two fixtures all kick-off at 12.30, with Leeds v Tottenham also starting at the same time in the Premier League. Good luck!

– Sam Brooke-Wilkinson