February Monthly Round-up

OK soooo……….. February wasn’t the best of months was it?!! Records were broken in all the wrong ways and many a player dropped points all over the place, with some ending the month on a lower overall total than they began it! Making up ground in the Global League Table was harder than ever and it became damage limitation for lots of you before long. We’ll start at the top though, where Heather Roome’s score of 2198 is out ahead of Oliver Norman’s 2129 in second place. Heather was second at the end of January so her February must have bucked the trend somewhat! However it was Chris Keogh who had the most productive month, reeling in a cracking 288 points to take spot in February’s standings – no use of the ‘Random’ button there i wouldn’t have thought!

Although it was a particularly difficult month we did still have entries to Club 100 (but nowhere near as many as January of course!) There were only 13 green scores in February, with 12 players securing their seats in the illustrious club (it really was exclusive last month!) Andy Roome managed to make the cut twice, quite an effort considering the carnage sweeping throughout the game! Well done Andy!

Unfortunately we do have to come crashing back down to earth; February was quite the disaster for many of you! Three of the five rounds that took place went by without the Club 100 doors swinging open to admit any guests. The average score was respectable at 25, but miles off the same standards as January’s 71! To compile the misery even more there were a pitiful 163 minus scores during the month. What’s staggering is the fact that there were 62 minus scores in total in January, but more than double that in minus 20s alone for February! A sickening 125 minus 20s were recorded alongside 26 minus 40s, 10 minus 60s and two minus 80s. Oh dear!! Not pleasant stats to read, so we’ll quickly move on to the most selected teams for the month!

Celtic have been popular throughout this season, but never more so than February as The Bhoys were backed a staggering 524 times! Scottish sides nearly made up the entire matrix in fact, as OLD Firm rivals Rangers were most popular on x3 and x5, with the ever reliable Liverpool most selected on x2.

So February was pretty poor for many of you here at TUG, but that’s not to say March can’t be the best – that’s often how this great game of ours works! Good luck!

– Samuel Wilkinson