December Monthly Round-up

Another month has been and gone in this thrilling season of footballing action. Fixtures in December are as difficult to call as the rest of the season, but the flurry of games and the festive atmosphere during this busy period gives matches that little extra spice that we all love to be a part of, and this December was no different. The excitement and openness of many of the games on show meant that it was a high scoring month on the pitch, but it wasn’t for everyone here on The Ultimate Goals!

But before we get into the nitty-gritty we’ll start off at the summit of this season’s Global League Table. It’s a return to the top for Ally Jessop as his total of 1548 sees off Marc Berresford by just 3 points and Charlie Chamberlain by 9! So it’s certainly tight at the top at the end of December, a month that saw Oliver Norman, November’s league leader, fall to 10th in the table after recording just 129 points. The top scorer last month was Charlie Chamberlain with 365 points which averages out at an impressive 73 a week, in a month with 5 interesting rounds of action, one of them being his fantastic bonus Boxing Day gameweek.

The highest score recorded in a single gameweek this month was Tom Roome’s strong score of 120 in gameweek 20 with the best average weekly score of 36 coming the same week. But the 17 visits to Club 100 in December was down from the 50 in November, while the highest average weekly score was 16 points lower than last month’s average. Jonathon Stewart was the only player to make it to Club 100 twice, but for most it was a pretty difficult month. The 95 minus scores in December reflect how difficult this game can be in such a busy period of games. 73 minus 20s suggest some of you may have been a bit ambitious at the bottom of the multiplier ladder, and those 19 minus 40s and 2 minus 60s must have hurt, but none more so than Stephen Cruise’s minus 120 on Boxing Day.

The most popular team this month was again Liverpool who bookended the multipliers at x2 and x8, while also featuring at x6. Celtic were most selected at x4 and x7, with Tottenham and Leeds Utd gaining many players’ trust at x3 and x5.

December was a mixed bag for many of you, as there were some great scores, but also some pretty poor ones. Looking forwards, the end of January the transfer window may have changed many teams’ fortunes, and that means they could change yours too. Have a great month!

– Samuel Wilkinson