GW 6 Review

Matt: Well i certainly won’t deny that from a personal point of view that was a very pleasing weekend, much more enjoyable than the one before that brought with it a most unwanted -20! A visit to Club 100 is always welcome, but straight off the back of a reversal there’s always that extra bit of satisfaction – it’s almost like an act of atonement!! Plus of course there’s always the fear that ‘one will bring two’ and back to back minus scores in this game are both brutal and horrifying……….and far from infrequent!

Speaking of minus scores, no shortage again in this gameweek and while the number of diners at Club 100 just about sneaked into double figures, that was comfortably outweighed by the amount of players heading in the wrong direction! Chief among the culprits were a couple of teams who I’d likely refer to as quite unfashionable in terms of the frequency they are selected as x2 ‘bankers’; it’s fair to say that Gateshead and Dunfermline football clubs probably won’t be on many people’s Christmas card list right now! Both teams had fixtures that, on paper at least, suggested they shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding the net, but sadly for the many players that picked one or both, the scorelines painted a very different picture! A first win of the season for Braintree Town and a third consecutive draw for Alloa Athletic meant that plenty of Ultimate Goals punishment was dished out!

No such problems for the top scorers of the weekend, League Two’s Yeovil Town, who went to second placed Newport County and promptly whacked them over the ropes for 6! I can’t say for sure exactly how many players backed The Glovers, but i’d put good money on it not taking too long to count up! Will this mean the green and whites are selected a fair bit this coming weekend, or will players tend to shun them despite their heroics in Wales? When you take a look around the various leagues we have in play, there’s plenty of teams giving cause to either choose them for their recent goal-scoring qualities (such as Yeovil), or cast a good eye over their opponents due to defensive ineptitude – look no further than another League Two side Notts County, who have conceded at least 3 goals in every league match since the opening weekend of the season!! That takes some doing!

As i type, we’ve almost concluded a large batch of midweek fixtures involving many English teams (with a few more British clubs involved in Europa League matches on Thursday) and this has to be taken into account when planning for GW 7. Whether it’s the big fish in the Prem having had a tough European night/a long journey away somewhere, a domestic game that involved a side either delivering or receiving a drubbing, or a match that has resulted in injuries and suspensions, these are all factors that you dismiss at your peril! And whilst on this subject, look out for a ‘Midweek Bonus’ round coming your way soon, there may well even be some Champions League action involved! Watch this space……..

Good luck for gameweek 7!