GW 12 – Review

Yikes! Another challenging weekend of Ultimate Goals action left lots of you underwhelmed with your points totals at the end of play. Let’s see what led so many of you astray.

Before that I’ll go over the Perfect 7 though, which reached a fairly standard 155 points. 5 goal Tranmere Rovers and Fleetwood Town were the only named teams in the P7 matrix (the rest being any 4 goal side) and gained just five picks combined! It’s no surprise then that, with relatively little to work with compared to usual, no one made it to the magical 100 point mark – that’s only the second time that’s happened this season!

Now the return of the Premier League and Championship (both sides of the border) does not guarantee a high volume of goals. 78 of you chose Manchester Utd, who scored just once in an uninspiring win against West Brom, while 59 of you backed Chelsea who only scored twice when their backers would have hoped for more. Brentford played the leakiest defence in the Championship in Wycombe Wanderers, but totally failed to produce the goods for the 47 players who selected them by drawing a blank, while Celtic (popular as normal with 60 picks) bagged just twice, with one of them in the 91 st minute, after coming from two down to rescue a point at Hibernian.

We love a weird stat here at TUG, so one unexpected ray of sunshine in an otherwise disappointing week was the uncommon three-way tie for top spot. This week Kyle Hewett, Russell Robinson (making his second appearance at the top this season) and Graham Taylor shared the throne with 93 points apiece. All three table-toppers unsurprisingly chose 4 goal Rangers (ever reliable – 78 selections) in their line-up as well as Queen’s Park (81 picks, not something we often say about a Scottish League Two outfit!). None of them had either of the five goal sides.

So with Club 100 empty, what about the average score? Well, it’s nothing to write home about at 32 points, but it’s still a solid score which 41% of you managed to beat! 18 minus scores isn’t a terrible stat, but it isn’t great either – at least nobody was on the receiving end of a minus 60!

Manchester Utd got the most popular matrix going, being most selected on x2 and x3 as well as x6, epitomising the ‘banker’ position with a 1-0 win – the perfect result for those of you with the Red Devils on x2. Queen’s Park were the most popular side overall and beat Rangers (most picked on x7) to be most popular on x8. Peterborough and Chelsea were the most selected teams on x4 and x5.

Don’t forget to get your selections in for the midweek round starting Tuesday – deadline 1940! Good luck!

-Sam Brooke-Wilkinson