GW 1 – Review

Whether you’re an old hand at this game or whether this was your very first time playing TUG, the opening gameweek of any season is always tough to predict. New managers, new signings and pre​-season ​results that can often prove ​to ​be a dubious and ​sketchy guide ​to a team’s form, ​GW 1 has historically caused more than its fair share of problems for many a player! 

​No such concerns for our first top scorer of the 2019/20 season, congratulations to David Munro ​who wasted no time in racking up his maiden ton of the year. Smart picks of 5 goal Cove Rangers and 7 goal Celtic in ​a glorious x7 and x8 ​combination helped ​him to a ​delightful score of 120 points. ​David’s tally did have a large helping of good fortune though, as he was just two minutes away from a disastrous start to the campaign…an 89th minute strike by Exeter’s Ryan Bowman saving the day and propelling him from minus figures to the top of the leaderboard. ​David was joined ​at Club 100 ​by ​seven other players​, all of whom will be equally delighted with their week 1 efforts.

​Unsurprisingly Celtic proved to be ​the most popular choice this week​, with 78% of players backing them to score goals against St Johnstone. The ​green half of Glasgow clearly proved to be key to a good score (seven of the ​eight members of Club 100 ​backed The Bhoys, no great shock there!), but those who ‘played safe’ may be regretting their decision somewhat. Putting the Scottish champions on x8 would have seen a cool 56 points ​coming your way, boosting your score to double the average ​recorded this week (28)…​assuming you actually got to x8 of course!

To reach those heady heights, ​it was imperative to avoid the inevitable banana skins that the opening weekend was always likely to bring. The topsy-turvy nature of ​this game​, especially prominent at the start of a new season, threw 23 players ​into disarray! 18 ​unfortunate minus 20’s, 3 ​punishing minus 40’s and 2 ​terribly cruel minus 60’s mean that ​those players have some catching up to do ​already. But do not despair just yet if you were one of the unlucky bunch who went backwards, with another 44 gameweeks coming your way there’s ample opportunity to claw that deficit back in the race to win The Ultimate Goals!